Elsewhere on the Web:
This site is the compilation of things I’ve done elsewhere. Here’s more or less my springboard blog, which I turned into a platform for aspiring writers to continue their work over summer breaks. I offered to assist in the brainstorming process, then guided writers through the editing stage.

Here also is the blog I envisioned for the Grove City Collegian’s Sports section, before a college-created position filled that need. I created and managed the Twitter account for GCC Collegian Sports as well before passing along its handling to the following year’s sports editor. It is now defunct, as the College realized the value of having a full-time employee to help the Sports Information Director specifically on the online end of things, and his work better filled the space my one-man Twitter campaign had occupied.

Media History:
I am a 2014 graduate of Grove City College, where I was Managing Editor for The Collegian my senior year following two years as a sports writer. During my tenure as managing editor I led the redesign effort, simultaneously saving money and upgrading the infrastructure. I advocated for a website for several months, leading to the eventual approval of an internal site the following year.

I was a Sports Information Assistant for Grove City College Sports for three years, serving as announcer for home swim meets (including the 2014 conference championship) and football message board curator. I also interned with Sports Illustrated (specifically, SI.com) in 2013.



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